One of the major City-States that comprise the Northern Alliance, Rybodach is a magocracy. Unlike many other cities, they do not have a patron deity or pantheon; instead, they revere “the weave.”

Rybodach is considered to be all that is left of the Nethereal Empire. While technically a magocracy, their is an unstated bias against men holding positions of power.

As a city of mages, the city tends not to pry into people’s personal affairs, and has the most exotic market in the region; especially since their trade with the Bael’turathi empire is surpassed only by Mirahr.

Although only bordering old age, Aerris is considered to be the most powerful magic user in Rybodach. Her appearance is often caked with the remnants of whatever magical experiments she is conducting at the moment – and, indeed, most of the governing is done by her delegates; it usually requires a unique mystical situation or potent artifact to draw her out of her own world. But in Rybodach, she who is recognized as the most powerful wizard who rules. (And of course, men are never recognized as such.)


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