The Elven Clans

All elves, even the “dark elves” of Bael’turath, revere the god Corellon. Who or what Corellon is a god of depends on the elven clan in question. Many clans call him the first god of magic. Others call him the god of the hunt. Still others call him a god of protection. In truth, to the elven peoples, he is all these things – but his primary portfolio is just one more thing for the elves to feud about amongst themselves.

While all elves respect Corellon as the Father of All Elves, not all elves worship him as their primary deity. Those who are known to do this are referred to as Dark Elves by the ‘more pure’ elves. Most of the elves of the Bael’turathi empire worship Lolth, their Queen, as their primary deity.

Elves generally come in three flavors: White elves (with alabaster skin; some have bluish skin), High Elves (with skins of human pigment) and Drow (with grey to black skin).

Unlike otherworlds, not all Drow are ‘fallen elves.’ It is likely that close to 40% worship Corellon; and many white and high elves worship Lolth. Generally, it is more a question of where they originate from. Southern elves likely were born into the Bael’turathi empire, and thus worship Lolth.

The Elven Clans

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