The White Rangers

Common knowledge is that the White Rangers are an independent order of ‘knights,’ dedicated to Bahamut. They consider themselves champions of (human) Nobility, Honor, Justice, Fair Laws and Peace. They also serve as the official military branch of the Northern Alliance – for the most part, this means that their Keeps and Temples are independent of the various city states, but that they act as banks as well as patrol the major roads and trade routes of the confederacy, rather than the actual city states (which maintain their own armies).

While it is rare, some demihumans do join the order.

A general of the White Rangers holds a seat on the Council of the Northern Alliance, taking the title of Seneschal. However, they can only vote to break ties, or in military affairs. Currently, the position is held by Seneschal Gwydion.

Symbol: Silver (Platinum) Dragon, Phoenix Colors: White, Silver (Platinum), Blue, Black

The White Rangers

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